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- “When I was younger, I played for my local soccer team as well as some tennis. Then I started doing track and field and fell in love with long distance running. I am now absolutely hooked on ultra-running. Iceland has the most amazing landscapes to experience during my runs. Whether I am running up Esja, the mountain that towers over Reykjavik or the Laugavegur Ultra Marathon, the landscapes and challenges are continuously changing.

I have been taking Unbroken for over a year now. I am 23 years of age, and I am a medical student. Many ask what impact Unbroken has had for me, especially as I am so young and if I feel the benefit. Since taking Unbroken, I recover faster and feel less muscle soreness. I take two tablets of Unbroken as soon as I can after I finish a run. After a race, my body just craves Unbroken.

I highly recommend Unbroken for everyone – you will feel the benefit.”

– Andrea Kolbeinsdottir, Ultra-Runner and Medical Student

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