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When did you hear about Unbroken?

It’s funny. I saw a post about Roman or that Roman did about Unbroken. I saw it and I just needed to learn more I was reading about the benefits. This looks exactly like the product I am looking for. I was also interested to hear about the scientific approach and why this product is so different from all others. You have these aminos that are too big to absorb. And that you break this down, you just absorb it right away. With protein powder, you can´t absorb it fast enough. I was stunned by the science. I looked at it and saw that very few people I know use it. Unbroken sent me samples and I saw results immediately: energy, recovery and improvement. It allowed me to push myself to extremes without paying the price the next day, which was really exciting.

How do you take Unbroken? 

I take 2 after my big morning effort and then again if I have a big workout in the afternoon. It also forces me to drink a liter of water each time I take it, which is a huge plus.

How do you find the taste?

I like the taste. My wife is waiting for the mango flavor to come out. This one is more of a grapefruit than an orange taste. I wouldn´t call it tart, but I wouldn´t call it sweet. 

What benefits do you have from taking Unbroken?

You sleep better. You drink more water. And you just feel better. I’ve started sharing it with some of my athletes and “obsessed” is a word some of them are using. I just love the stuff.

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