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“We have been traveling in Nepal for 40 days now. We walked over 150km and made over 10km elevation gain in elevation mostly above 4000m. This travel with 20 kg backpacks takes a lot of energy and recovery is very important before tackling the big mountain, Everest.

Unbroken has been an important link to our trip. It makes a big difference to get real-time recovery while hiking in these altitudes and climbing mountains for acclimatization. This is especially important when we are vulnerable for viruses that can be in lodges lower down the valley and have difficulties to trust to go down for faster recovery.

We have been up to 7000m for acclimatization in very demanding conditions. When you push your body up that high you can lose appetite and the body starts to get energy from muscles and body fat. This can make you more vulnerable to altitude sickness and Unbroken has been a big part to get a balance on that. We also have given our Sherpa team Unbroken to try for their work, they have been coming back to us to ask for more when they have a big day ahead. They feel the difference and so do we.”

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